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Whether you are planning to buy a used car and wish to foolproof your investment or simply want to analyse the condition of your current vehicle, we are at your service with our car inspection in Melbourne.

Key points covered in our Mechanical Car Check:

  • Battery

    Fuel system operation

    CV Joint / boots, drive-shaft and universal joints

    Ball joint and tie rod ends

  • Tail Lights

    Coolant recovery tank

    Engine & transmission leaks and faults

    Brake pad and rotor condition

  • Alternator

    Engine valve noise

    Cooling fan operation

    Transfer case condition

  • Brake caliper leakage

    Power steering

    Engine / transmission mount condition

    AC compressor operation

  • Tyre condition


    A/C condenser

    Bushing condition

RideCheck is a trusted mechanic for automobile inspection in Melbourne. We offer thorough inspections with comprehensive reports from highly qualified technicians in the trade who hold Valid Roadworthy accreditation in Victoria. Above all, we have no affiliations with any dealers, and we work only for you. That’s why our customers value our reports and suggestions.

From engine to interior to road test, the experts at RideCheck conduct a detailed 6-step inspection and provide you with an in-depth report within 48 hours of your booking. Based on this report, you can make a solid decision. For a better peek at our work, take a look at this RideCheck’s sample report.

When you are ready, you can book our mechanics for your car inspection. We are fast, reliable, and qualified.

Key points covered in our Interior Car Inspection:

  • Carpet condition

    Steering wheel condition

    Air vents

    Electric windows

  • Interior lights

    Seat belts



  • Exterior mirrors

    Dash board condition

    A/C operation

    Heater operation

  • Fuel & temperature gauges

    Park brake

Investing in a used car can prove to be either a bane or a boon. Therefore, it’s essential to conduct a through vehicle inspection before the purchase. Since not everybody will know about the details of a car’s interior, it’s better to leave the critical job of vehicle inspection to a reliable team such as RideCheck Vehicle Inspection. We understand that second-hand vehicles require thorough scrutiny inside and outside to determine whether they are safe to drive. That’s why our qualified technicians conduct detailed analysis of the vehicle and present a well document report accompanied with photos and videos so you know what’s within the gleaming interiors. Our commitment extends beyond mere assessments. Rather, we conduct a detailed interior car inspection in Melbourne, analysing each part of the vehicle and checking for damages and tampering, if any.

Key points covered in our Body And Chassis Inspections:

  • Major body repairs

    Reverse Lights

    Number plate lights​

    Scratches and Dints

  • Hazard


    Paint depth testing to all panels

    Fog Lamp condition and operation

  • Tail Lights

    Door operations

    Turn signals opearation

Buying a used car is an economical choice, but it can backfire if you decide to put your money in a damaged or unsafe car. That’s why a body and chassis inspection in Melbourne should be a part of your checklist –

  • With a body and chassis inspection in Melbourne you can identify any structural damage, corrosion, or wear and tear that might bring down the overall safety of your vehicle.
  • All vehicles need to meet safety and roadworthiness criteria for regulatory compliance. With a car body inspection, you can determine the roadworthiness of your car.
  • A vehicle body inspection makes room for preventive maintenance. It allows for early detection of issues such as rust or cracks and helps you do the needful.
  • Through a car chassis inspection, you can determine the structural integrity of your car and see if it will have a good resale value.

Connect with us at RideCheck today to schedule a body and chassis inspection in Melbourne.

From mechanical inspection and interior inspection to body and chassis inspection, our comprehensive range of services cover them all. Get in touch with us for any of your car inspection requirements and our experts will be sure to guide you through and offer A-Z assistance. Connect with us to know more!

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