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Which of Australian’s most loved Utes are going electric?

With the current climate situation in today’s day and age, most car manufacturers are coming up with new ideas to launch their vehicles into the future by using climate-friendly engines which cause less pollution.

Australia’s most loved utes such as the Toyota Hilux, Ford ranger, Mitsubishi triton, Isuzu D-max, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Navara and Volkswagen Amarok are all heading down the path of electrification, with hybrid models to make a steady appearance within the upcoming decade.

Toyota is set to introduce a hybrid model of the much-loved Toyota Hilux in 2023. This model will still have a turbo diesel engine which is still a popular choice by ute buyers, but it will be paired with an electric motor for improved efficiency and more pulling power. Toyota is planning to maintain the Diesel option of the Hilux due to the strong rural customer base. A majority of farmers store diesel on their properties and in some cases, diesel can be more accessible in these areas.

There is no doubt that within the next decade a majority of vehicles released by manufacturers will either be electric or hybrid and it’s quite an exciting time for car buyers and automotive enthusiasts alike.

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